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Thank you for your interest in cooperation with us.

Our company is building GOPALL points to help solve the issues of pallet exchange in shipping.

GOPALL Points represent places for carriers near the loading site, where they can pick up pallets before transportation with pallet exchange. Subsequently, after unloading the goods at the delivery site, carriers can find the nearest GOPALL Point to unload unnecessary pallets loaded into the vehicle, so that they do not block the load capacity of the vehicle.

Which companies can set up a GOPALL point

Pallet manufacturing or repair companies

Companies whose business activities include manufacturing and/or repairing EUR pallets.

Companies buying or selling pallets.

Companies with sufficient space for handing pallets and the necessary equipment

Companies which own premises large enough for handling  and storing pallets and the necessary technical equipment.

How can you benefit from setting up a partner GOPALL Point?

Pallet handling

We will pay you a commissions for loading and unloading of each pallet. The amount of the commission depends on the region, number of pallets and individual agreement.

Pallet renting

If you have surplus pallets you can offer them for rent. The rent is calculated based on the difference between the received and provided pallets.  If, within our cooperation, you receive 500 pallet and provide 750 pallets, we will be paying you a rent for 250 pallets until the difference is settled. However, this is a dynamic process and the number changes throughout the day. The rent is thus agreed for one pallet per month and then calculated for each day. Your commission will be paid twice a month (in arrears for the first half of the month and subsequently for the second half.)

Pallet repair

If carriers wish to hand over pallets which do not meet the quality criteria, they can do so only if they agree to hand them over as pallets for repair.

The price we will pay you for repair depends on the region and individual agreement.

What do we provide?

We take care of our partners. It is important for us to help you be successful and achieve the results you will be satisfied with. We provide each of our partners with the maximum amount of information and support for efficient functioning.

System for processing data about individual transactions.

Growing network of carriers and constantly increasing number of transactions  for higher profits.

Customer support to solve any potential questionable situations.

Stable payments for every transaction. All transactions are visible on your interface.

Internal logistics to transfer EUR pallets from points where they accumulate to points with shortages.

Constant improving and perfecting of the GOPALL system for user and partners to ensure maximum efficiency of the process.

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If you are interested in cooperation with us, please provide us with the following information. Our sales department will contact you as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

How many pallets will a vehicle bring at once?

In most cases, if the whole load capacity of the vehicle is used, the expected number of pallets is between 30 and 33 for one vehicle. However, the number can also be higher or lower.

How many vehicles must a GOPALL point load/unload per day?

We don’t know the exact number yet, but we are trying to ensure that the number of vehicles ranges between 10 and 30. However, after we launch the system, it will take some time until the number of transactions in the GOPALL system reaches this goal.

What if we can’t deal with so many vehicles per day?

The number of vehicles coming to you every day is entirely up to you. You need to approve every order for loading or unloading a vehicle in the GOPALL system. In this way, you can manage the number of vehicles with regard to your human capacities and your possibilities to store or provide pallets. In case you need to interrupt receiving and proving pallets for a longer period of time, you can easily indicate it in the system and carriers won’t be able to create orders for your GOPALL point until you restart your activities.

What if the carrier is supposed to hand over pallets in the A category but has a few pallets in the B category?

The transition between individual quality categories is connected with a fee. In case of transition from higher quality category to lower quality category the carrier needs to pay an additional fee, in case of the opposite transition, the carrier receives money back.

How long does a GOPALL point need to be open?

Opening hours are determined by each GOPALL point individually. However, it is possible that short opening hours can influence the number of vehicles placing orders to your GOPALL point, since we don’t know exactly at what time carriers are able to hand over and pick up pallets.

How long does it take to load or unload a vehicle?

The expected time necessary to carry out one transaction with 33 EUR pallets is as follows. Receiving pallets can take up to 15 minutes as it is necessary to visually check the quality of pallets. Providing pallets can take about 5-7 minutes since it is only necessary to load the pallets and enter the transaction into the system. However, this is only an estimate and the actual time depends on the skills of your employees and your preparedness.

How many pallets can I rent?

The specific number depends on the needs of carriers. In case you provide more pallets than you receive (which means you provided your own pallets into the system) you will be paid a pre-agreed price for rent for each day your pallets are in the system.

What if pallets start to accumulate at my GOPALL point because more pallets are received than provided?

GOPALL’s internal logistics deals with optimization of the number of pallets at individual GOPALL points. If pallets start to accumulate at one point, we will pick them up and transfer to another point where they are necessary.