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What is a deposit and what is it for?

A deposit is a financial security used to cover a value of pallets or other packages during an exchange. When you hand over pallets on behalf of another carrier in order to settle its pallet debt and free your vehicle’s load capacity, you will be credited deposit covering the value of pallets to your pallet account.

What amount should I send to my GOPALL account as a deposit?

It’s individual. If you need someone to deliver 50 pallets for you until you can hand them over by yourself, this value is € 350. It is also possible to agree on setting cancellation fees that will be restricted the disposal rights in the platform until the order is completed, plus GOPALL platform fees of € 0.09 – 0.18 per pallet, depending on the fee payment method. We recommend that you top up a credit of € 350 so you can easily negotiate the exchange of pallets for full load transit (33 EUR-pallets). Deposit for specific types of packaging can be found here.

Do the parties themselves set a value per pallet or other package?

No. A pallet value or deposit is set by the system. It corresponds to a pre-owned pallet/other package value in a flawless condition without apparent damage.

When will my deposit be returned and in what amount?

You can request your deposit at any time online via the platform. We will send a deposit that is not allocated in pending transactions next business day after the request for outpayment. We always send money to the company bank account specified in the platform.
If your credit is higher than the deposit you sent to the platform, because you have handed over more pallets than you received, you will be paid out the deposit amount minus the fees charged for using GOPALL platform. The credit above your deposit can be used for operations with the same type of packages as you handed over.

Why can’t you refund money /deposit/ for extra pallets /packages/?

GOPALL works on the basis of deposit for packages in the pallet account. A deposit serves to cover a value of packages. We are legally unable to return a deposit of a higher value than we received, as this would be a commercial sale.

What is a Pallet account?

A Pallet account in GOPALL serves the purpose of keeping a record of individual pallet types. It keeps records of total deposit, deposit allocated in specific pallet types and specific pallet debts. As facilitation you can look in the bookmark “How many can I order?” to see a quick information about your overall capability to order any pallet type without the need to recalculate your actual balance.

What is the difference from pallet pooling?

Pooling is a service focused mainly on manufacturing and trading companies. Pooling works by delivering pallets to a place where a company has a production or a packaging of goods and takes pallets where the goods were unloaded. It charges the initial delivery, time for which pallets are used, pick-up and transit. GOPALL is a platform aimed primarily at transport companies, as the obligation to exchange pallets is transferred to them.

What is the mobile app for?

The mobile app is used to speed up the communication and documentation of individual pallet or other package deliveries.
The app is available for free for Android and iOS devices. Drivers´ access to application is set up via GOPALL platform. Afterwards the driver sees orders to be dealt with. Each order has name and address of a company, where pallets shall be delivered.
After the delivery, the driver can fill in the data on the number of pallets actually delivered, upload the handover document and send it directly through GOPALL platform to an authorised person.

How much do GOPALL and its mobile app cost?

GOPALL platform and its mobile app is free regardless the number of users and devices. You pay only for what you actually use – pallet exchange meditation.

What is a demand?

By demand we mean the situation when a carrier needs to return pallets to an address of his loading or another place where he incurred a debt and asks other carriers to return these pallets on his behalf via GOPALL. This is a situation when a carrier needs pallets or other types of packages.

What is a supply?

A supply occurs if a carrier who carried out the transport with pallet exchange is given back the pallets at a place of unloading and wants to hand them over somewhere. In this case, he creates a pallet supply where he defines where he has pallets and in what radius he is willing to bring them. The supply can also be made in advance, before the transport itself, so that there is enough time to agree on a pallet exchange with the carrier who needs pallets in specific location to minimize idle time.

What is a reaction?

GOPALL platform allows to do an online real-time response to a demand or supply. Reaction is to reach a partner and includes information within what supply and demand you are proposing the pallet exchange. You can look up reactions for each supply and demand individually, and after your consideration to continue to an order or simply to reject the reaction.
Nevertheless, GOPALL platform allows you to strike a deal with a partner by phone (or email) and skip directly to close a deal. However, we encourage you to use reactions as they can facilitate the next steps on the GOPALL platform (such as automatically rejecting other carriers’ proposals for the same demand / supply if you close a deal (order) with one of them).

What is the purpose of an order?

An order is a document that is created by a demanding party (one that needs the pallets) for a supplying party (one that has the pallets). It is created online and defines all pamateres: recipient, handover location, specification of the number and type of packages, handover deadline, distribution of platform fees and cancellation fees that can be set for both parties in an event of non-compliance or cancellation of the order.

What if I don’t use GOPALL for a longer period of time?

Everything is all right. Your account remains active until you decide to close it yourself. There are no fees for an active account.

Where can I find payment details (IBAN, SWIFT etc.) in GOPALL?

IBAN: SK29 1100 0000 0029 4307 6982 SWIFT: TATRSKBX.

You can also find this information by logging into GOPALL in the Credit Management section. If you top up your credit by bank transfer, make sure to include the payer reference. Include your company ID (CO-XXXXX) as a payer reference.

Why do I need to prove bank account ownership?

According to EU law on money laundering and terrorist financing, it is necessary to prove that the funds used as a deposit are sent back to an account which is demonstrably owned by the requesting user. In order to speed up the process of verifying your company data, we ask you to provide a document or a heading of bank statement confirming that the account is owned by your company. You can upload the document directly to the platform when filling in your company data.

Are my personal data sufficiently protected?

Your privacy is very important to us, your pesonal data and information about your partners are visible only to you and your company. We only require personal data for registration purposes in order to provide our services and support. Personal data is never shared with third parties.

Do you guarantee the quality of the pallets or other packaging or the discrepancies in the delivery?

We do not guarantee the quality of pallets or other packaging. Our platform serves for cooperation between companies and the responsibility for number and quality of delivered pallets or other packages is the responsibility of a registered individual. It is recommended to set clear rules for handing over and picking up pallets to avoid complications. Pallets or other packages should be in a condition that corresponds to a pre-owned item but not a damaged one. GOPALL guarantees that the terms agreed in an order between a demander and a supplier will be met by GOPALL as stated: ie. deposits and eventually cancellation fees /penalties/ will be credited or deducted accordingly.

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