Frequently asked questions

How is GOPALL different from pallet pooling?

Pallet polling is a service aimed at manufacturing and commercial companies. The service consists of delivering pallets to the site where the company production or packaging is located and later picking up the pallets at the site where the goods were unloaded. Fees are paid for the initial delivery, the time during which pallets are used, the pick-up and the transport.

GOPALL is a service aimed primarily at freight companies where carriers themselves pick up and/or hand over pallets exactly according to their individual needs.

What is credit used for?

Credit is used for paying fees at the GOPALL Point. You can use is to pay the rent for pallets, pallet handling fees and fees connected with repair of damaged pallets.

How can I pay with credit?

All transactions are carried out automatically. The rent for pallets is deducted on a daily basis for each day when you have rented pallets. Fees for handling and repairing pallets are deducted immediately after the operation is carried out at the GOPALL Point.

You will be notified about every transaction and the record of past transactions is available to you at all times in our GOPALL application.

How much credit should I buy before the first use?

Credit use is very individual and it is influenced by the number of your transportations. Depending on the country where you pick up and hand over pallets, the whole process of pallet exchange should range from 27 to 37 € for transports using full vehicle capacity (33 pcs.)

Can I get money back for my credit?

Of course. If you wish to get back money for your credit, you can make a request directly in the GOPALL application and we will transfer the money back to your IBAN account. There are no fees connected with this operation.

How much do I pay for using the GOPALL platform and application?

The use of GOPALL platform and mobile application is free of charge. You can create any number of platform users. You can also install the GOPALL application to unlimited number of devices. In the GOPALL platform you only pay for what you actually use – fees for GOPALL Points services.

Do you have to pay a rent for pallets?

No. You only pay a rent for pallets if you pick up more pallets than you hand over.


On Monday you will hand over 20 pallets that are blocking your vehicle at a GOPALL point (for example in Krakow). On Wednesday you will need 33 pallets for loading somewhere around Wien, so you will pick them up at the nearest GOPALL point. Since your account balance at this point is +20 pallets (handed over in Krakow) you will only pay the rent for the extra 13 pallets (33 picked up pallets – 20 handed over pallets).

What if I hand over more pallets than I pick up within the GOPALL system?

Your pallets won’t just disappear. You can pick them up at anytime at any GOPALL Point. You can clearly see the exact number of pallets you have picked up and handed over directly in our application.

For what periods do I pay the pallet rent?

The pallet rent is paid for each day or part thereof. The total amount of rent depends on the number and type of rented pallets. Pricing is different for different quality categories of pallets (EUR A, EUR B) and it is visible for every GOPALL Point directly in our application.

Example: You will pick up 33 EUR B pallets on Monday. Subsequently, you will hand over 33 EUR B pallets on Tuesday at a different GOPALL Point. In total, you will pay the rent of 33 x 0.05 x 2 days = 3,30 €.

Can I hand over damaged pallets?

We are working hard to ensure that carriers get only pallets free from damage at our GOPALL Points and thus we require them to hand over pallets of the same quality. If you received some damaged pallets at the delivery site, it is possible to hand them over at any GOPALL Point. One damaged pallet is equal to one regular pallet in the system, but a repair fee is deducted from your credit for every damaged pallet according to the prices valid for the point where you hand it over.

What happens if I hand over a pallet in a different quality category than I picked up?

No problem. You can pick up and hand over pallets in the GOPALL Network without any limitations. Pallets are added to your account based on the number and category of pallets handed over by the driver. You can easily find the number of pallets which you picked up and handed over at GOPALL Points in our user-friendly application.

If pallets of one category start to accumulate in your account while another category is missing, there is a possibility to exchange pallets. If you wish to exchange pallets, please contact our customer service and we will be happy to arrange the exchange according to your needs.

What are the driver's responsibilities at the GOPALL point?

Employees of the GOPALL point are responsible for carrying out the operations. Based on your order the employees of the GOPALL point load or unload your vehicle and take care of all administrative actions.

At the loading your driver only checks the pallet quality.

At the unloading it depends on if there are any damaged pallets or pallets of a different quality category among the pallets you wish to hand over. If yes, the driver will announce to the GOPALL points employees if you wish to hand them over anyway in place of regular pallets.

After carrying out your order a GOPALL Point employee fills out a document with the summary of all operations, which is then signed by the employee and the driver. Subsequently, the employee uploads the document to the system. From this moment on, the document is visible to you and your company.

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