Frequent problems with pallet exchange

A vehicle should come to the loading site with the same number of pallets as is necessary to load the goods. After unloading at the delivery site, the same number of pallets is loaded back to the vehicle.

  • Lorry drivers usually don’t have empty pallets in the vehicle and the company undertakes to return the pallets within a specific time period. Pallet debt is thus created by the carrier.

  • Subsequently,empty pallets are returned to the driver at the delivery site, which blocks space in the vehicle and reduces its load capacity.

Pallet exchange is connected with losses

The process of pallet exchange is connected with direct and indirect losses for the carrier.

  • Invoicing of pallets which were not returned,
  • Inability to make use of the whole transport capacity of the vehicle (pallets are blocking space),
  • If the carrier wants to return the pallets, a return journey with pallets is made, even though only the remaining area of the vehicle can be used for loading goods – transportation is limited or less profitable,
  • Suitable transportation offers are limited to transportations with pallet exchange.

GOPALL comes up with a solution

With the GOPALL solution you can freely arrange transportations with pallet exchange without worrying about this problem. GOPALL points are places where you can rent or hand over pallets in three quality categories:

  • EUR A – so called “white pallet” suitable for food industry
  • EUR B – so called “brown pallet” suitable for other industries
  •  EUR C – so called „circulating pallet“ which has some acceptable damages but is still suitable for transportation


Traditional solution

Loading the vehicle after unloading.

Unlimited. With GOPALL ýou can easily settle your pallet debt and shed empty pallets after unloading.

Limited. Pallets have to be returned back to loading site generally within 7 to 14 days.

Utilization of the entire load capacity of the vehicle.

Unlimited. You can hand over pallets near the unloading site with almost no cost.

Limited. Vehicle's load capacity is blocked by empty pallets, therefore it can be used only for part load transport.

Possibility to combine transports with and without pallet exchange.

Unlimited, you always have a choice.

Limited. On one hand the carrier often does not have empty pallets at the loading, on the other hand empty pallets block vehicle's load capacity after unloading

Number of suitable transports at the market

Unlimited. You can always choose a transport that fits best your business needs.

Limited. A variety of available transports is reduced.

Pallet exchange cost.

27 - 37 €*.

Depends on possibilities and the market. The cost ranges from 50 to 200 €*.

*The price involves the whole process from the pick-up to the hand-over. Prices can differ depending on individual countries and do not include fees for handing over damaged pallet in need of repair.

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